Pauline Lomas

BOOK LAUNCH:Debbie Lomas of Rainforest Shop Watergate Row South with her sister Pauline (right), a former actress
who has written a book about surviving breast cancer.
Chester shop owner’s sister tells
remarkable story of cancer fight

Feb 11 2010 by David Holmes, Chester Chronicle

FORMER Hollywood actress Pauline Lomas has survived cancer with the help of alternative therapies.

When Pauline discovered a malignant tumour in her breast she turned her back on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Instead, she put all her energy into finding her own cure.

Pauline, supported by her family including sister Debbie of Chester’s Rainforest shop, has now written a book And So We Heal about her amazing journey.

Pauline, who stressed she is not telling others how to survive cancer, explained: "I don’t purport it to be a book on healing cancer – it’s a love story."

Pauline, 58, from Upton, Wirral, has led an incredible life. She was a stand-in for Meryl Streep on The Bridges of Madison County which involved sharing a bath-tub with director and co-star Clint Eastwood.

She was also Barbara Streisand’s stand-in on The Prince of Tides and her other film credits include Testament, Bugsy and All of Me.

But Pauline is convinced the cancer erupted during a less happy time in her life. She had lost her partner Tom to cancer and remade her acquaintance with Spanish sweetheart Javier, whom she had first met as a teenager, only for her romantic dreams to be dashed.

Javier suffered a heart attack and survived a triple heart bypass but was not ready for a relationship.

"I was needy. He couldn’t hold my neediness. I thought I had found love again but he needed chance to heal."

Then on Thursday, October 25, 2001, Pauline was diagnosed with a 2.5 cm malignant tumour in her right breast. Doctors tried to persuade sister Debbie to convince her sibling to undergo surgery but Pauline had other ideas.

And so began a long process which involved Pauline boosting her immune system with vegetable juices, mistletoe injections and detoxifying coffee enemas.

Searching for a suitable treatment took Pauline down many dead ends and at one point the tumour grew to almost the size of a fist. What worked for her in the end was electro-cancer treatment developed by a Swedish professor using electrical stimulation to the tumour.

Today Pauline and Javier are a couple again and Pauline’s tumour has gone.

And So We Heal is available priced £14.44 from Waterstone’s or visit:

Treatment is not a 'complete cure'

PAULINE Lomas has continued to be monitored by the NHS despite using alternative therapies.

Consultant breast surgeon Alison Waghorn, based at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, who has permission to speak about her patient, said: "I do not think that we can say that she has 'beaten' breast cancer.

"However, she does seem to have managed to have 'held' her breat cancer remarkably, using some alternative therapies.

"She has destroyed the breast cancer by using ultrasound in Spain which has cost an enormous amount of money. There is still evidence of breast cancer on her chest wall and she has now completely lost her breast as a result of ultrasound therapy.

"Some of the other alternative methods that she has used to try and 'hold' the cancer, I have to say, the result is quite remarkable: a lymph node that was clinically definitely involved with cancer has been held now for some years."

Ms Waghorn, an expert in breast diagnostics and breast pain, said it was important to stress the treatment route Ms Lomas had taken was "not a complete cure for breast cancer".

(Pauline responds to Alison Waghorn's statements above.)

Dear Alison,

Thank you so much for giving your opinion to David Holmes for his article on my book - AND SO WE HEAL for THE CHESTER CHRONICLE. I know David had requested a cautionary response from you and so I think you complied in a fair manner and I appreciate also the positive aspects you stated as well as your firm stance in saying that I have not "'beaten' breast cancer." It was I that agreed he should contact you and as always I appreciate your concern for my welfare and your respecting my decision to follow an alternative route with my healing.

However, I must point out a discrepancy in what you said. You said that I used Ultrasound - which is totally untrue.

I appreciate the fact that you are extremely busy and accept the quote as an oversight - but I don´t want to mislead anyone so I shall be writing to the editor to clarify that. I had it on my list to bring you the finished book but as always ... the list never ends, and it took a great deal of effort to publish the book. I think you will remember that I did send you several chapters last year but never heard back.

My wish in writing about my journey was to offer others an insight into other less invasive choices and to clearly show how important the emotional healing is and the incredible power of the mind.

Also, my losing the breast does no way equate to getting a masectomy in my opinon. I took time to investigate the emotional issues connected to my cancer, and when the breast evacuated the necrotic tumour it was a cause for celebration in a strange 'Amazonian' way - a giving birth of sorts. As a result of my findings - yes, I lost my breast but I gained so much more. It was not about saving my breast - more about saving my LIFE. The book is about my story and does not portend to hold answers for anybody - just a diary I kept along the way that grew from me wanting to help others make their choices ... in this I am very clear.

Yes, I have superficial skin erruptions on the outer wall of my chest which seem to flair up if I eat excessive sugar or other substances that feed cells. Ironically, when I am in optimum health the activity in that area subsides. If only I could continue with some of the many herbal formulas that have been supporting my wellness- if only they were a choice for me with the NHS instead of tamoxifan or some other toxic drug that may result in weakening my heart or bringing on a secondary ailment which will necessitate further pharmaceuticals ... IF ONLY!! Let´s see - perhaps they can re-design some of the excess Swine Flu vaccine - just to keep the pharmacies in gold ... I´m being a little facetious I know...

Yes, the treatment was expensive but compared to what the NHS spends on chemo and radiation etc, it is minimal and the treatments I chose actually boosted the immune. You continue to have my utmost respect. Indeed, I am hoping that our next tests can confirm that yes I actually have beaten Cancer! So until we do further testing which I am loathe to do (except for my cancer markers which show as normal ), everything is inconclusive. The fact is that I am still alive and striving to bring better alternatives to the table alongside those things that are working.

In short - I am my own living proof that there are alternate ways and I hope my experience heralds more healthier choices.

Thank you again Alison for putting your views on the table. I hope to hear from you soon.


My website is

The book is available there and also through Waterstones in Liverpool, although I have not done too much pr ... business woman I am not.